Norbe & Freddy (short for Norberto & Friederike Purtschert Barahona) are a couple of songwriters and recording artists. Together with their little son they are a small, happy, multicultural family, currently living in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. 

Norbe was born in 1990 in Ibarra, Ecuador. From an early age on he was passionate about singing, participated in children’s choirs and sang in church. Inspired by the guitar skills of his mother, in his teenage years he taught himself to play the guitar and later on he also gained experience in playing the bass. 

Freddy was born in 1991 and raised in Aidlingen, Germany. She studied classical piano for 10 years and also won a German music competition in 2008. In her early teens she also taught herself to play the guitar and amplified her piano skills starting to accompany worship and kids songs at church. 

After graduating from highschool, Norbe pursued a carrier in Engineering (M.Sc. in Mechatronics) and Freddy entered med school and graduated from there in 2016. 

Norbe and Freddy have been serving in churches in Ecuador, Germany and Canada leading worship for several years now. Their wish is to see people connect with and draw closer to God through the music. 

Writing their own songs was on their mind for a long time already but it actually started to take shape when they moved to Three Hills (AB, Canada) in 2019 to study the art of songwriting at Prairie College

Under the instruction of Denis Nassar Baptista (Brazilian composer, arranger, orchestrator & pianist), they had the chance to gain a whole toolbox of techniques to write meaningful, impacting songs. They are especially excited about modal interchanges, modulations and chord extensions. 

As part of the songwriting program, they recorded their first full length album in winter 2020/2021 which was released on May 5, 2021. “Life in Prayer” is a collection of eleven songs written out of the everyday life, out of highs and lows, out of joy, desperation and struggles that led to songs of prayer. Their music features different types of vibes, from acoustic to strings and rap, partly with a South American and German touch. 


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Photo credit: Amilia Fehr